The Big Day

Posted: 01/05/2012 in Uncategorized

So today is the first of May… The start of the Super Challenge.

So we begin. I realize I need a decent planning on how to actually read. As I’ve hardly any knowledge about Belarusian (except spelling rules), it might prove a challenge.Fortunately for me, I know Russian, which enables me to read (and understand) a lot. Although it sounds like it’ll be easy, it’s not. A lot of words are unfamiliar (fortunately the grammar isn’t). Rather then that it confuses me at times. So I definitely need a planning. At first I thought I would be doing just carefree reading, however I noticed that some pieces of text can be very difficult to grasp.

Because of that I’ve decided to change my planning a bit. I’ll continue to read without caring about individual words, but if a paragraph is confusing (or interesting to get the details) I’ll look up unfamiliar words to understand the text. Maybe I should set a rule that when I encounter a word 5-10 times, I’ll look it up, regardless of the context? That’ll become my strategy for my ‘literary’ reading…

Last week I found some interesting schoolbooks for Belarusian children. They are for literature and they contain a lot of small stories with some questions (all in Belarusian), so I’ll be using those books to enhance my vocabulary. So I’ll combine the carefree reading strategy with looking up every unknown word.

Earlier I mentioned a lack of movies in Belarusian, which still is a problem. However, I got my hands on some audiobooks, interestingly enough for 2 books which are currently laying on my bookshelf. There my strategy will be pretty simple, listen and read… So first I’ll listen and read a chapter of a book (counting as listening) and after that I’ll read the chapter again (counting as reading) paying more attention to the story and details of the language.

So let’s begin the first chapter of Дзікае паляванне караля стаха



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