Preparing for the Challenge

Posted: 23/04/2012 in Uncategorized
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8 days remaining for the start of the super challenge. Finding b0oks in Belarusian isn’t that difficult at all, or so it seems. A lot of famous Soviet Belarusian writers published in Belarusian first, before it got translated into Russian. Unfortunately, some books I want to read are only available in Russian (or at least on the internet). Ah well, I’ve got 14 books so far, that’ll be enough for quite awhile, or at least until I’ve the chance to go to Belarus and get the books I want. Spoken materials, unlike the books, are very hard to find. Films in the Belarusian language are a rarity. I’ve only found a handful, and some clips on youtube.

While registering my participation in the challenge and seeing many participants doing more then one language, I’ve made the decision to add Persian to the mix as well. But rather then watching 100 movies in Persian or reading a 100 books, it’ll be a semi-challenge. I’ll be doing half of that amount. Fortunately Persian has a lot more audio materials available then Belarusian. So far I’ve the entire collection of Paulo Coelho in Persian (freely available)

When I was working on my lessons yesterday, it hit me that all of this challenge is based on passive abilities. Although some of the participants will talk to natives to practice their skills, I’ve decided to write 1,000 pages in Belarusian (and 500 in Persian) to practice my active abilities for both languages.

I wish everyone participating in the challenge good luck and I hope to see you all at the finish line!


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