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Posted: 16/04/2012 in Uncategorized
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So finally I’ve started a blog. The reason for that is that over at the HTLAL forums a great challenge has been presented by Christina; the so-called “Super challenge”. Basically it involves reading 100 books and watching 100 movies in the language you’re currently studying between the first of May and the end of December 2013. As I’m studying multiple languages at the moment, I’ve to decided to enter with the one I most recently started studying: Belarusian.

Why Belarusian? To be honest, I’ve not really got a clue, but I like the sound of it and it’s Russia’s little brother. The resources for this beautiful language are rather scarce, and I could only find 4 on the internet. Part of this challenge is to read 100 books, and I’m confident I can get a long way with that, as I already know Russian many words I’ll be able to recognise. The 100 movies, however, will be another challenge altogether. Wish me luck with even finding 100 movies in Belarusian.

My first book will be “Дзікае палявенне караля Стаха” (The Wild Hunt of King Stach) by Uładzimir Karatkievič. After that I’ll hopefully find some good books on

  1. tacklingspanish says:

    Wow… very noble attempting belarussian. Good luck!

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